PTAC Cleaning Service

Keeping PTAC Units clean is crucial to their operation, and Industry studies have shown that regular deep cleaning can offer significant financial savings. You can extend the life of your units and ensure they are in top condition during use by cleaning them properly

Reduce Your Energy Bill — Units work longer and harder when they are dirty. The longer the unit is running, the higher your bills.

Increased the Lifespan of Your PTAC Units — The average lifespan of a PTAC unit is 15 years. Dirty units can decrease the lifespan up to 50%.

Make Your Rooms Cooler — Dirty units reduces airflow and increasing time to cool the room.

Improve the Air Quality — Remove bacteria, dust, germs, mold, allergens, and other pollutants that causes musty odors and health concerns.

We are Environmentally Friendly

The PTAC cleaning process has been certified as a “Green” process by the Green Clean Institute based on four key components:

  • The removal of pollutants from A/C units
  • Maximizing efficiency in the units
  • Improvement in indoor air quality
  • Health benefits for allergy and asthma

Our Products

CoilPro CC-200 consists of a pressurized water system for removing dirt, dust, and debris from coils and a wet/dry vacuum for removing dust and dirt prior to cleaning or water residue following cleaning. With drop-in-tablet technology, technicians can thoroughly clean coils without having to haul gallons of cleaner and risk a dangerous chemical spill. Through a simple, two-step process, one tablet—CoilShine-T—is used to clean, while another—CoilShine-T-BIO—is used to protect against odor and deliver better indoor-air quality.

We Use Non-Toxic Products

Our coil cleaner chemicals and detergents really make your coils shine and keep mold and mildew from causing problems. We offer a variety of cleaners and mold and mildew inhibitors.

  • CoilShine Coil Cleaning Solution
    • CoilShine is a concentrated, alkaline foaming coil cleaner. Safer than acidic cleaners.
  • CoilShine-BC Mold and Mildew Inhibitor for HVAC
    • EPA registered. Ready-to-use inhibitor to control growth of mold and mildew on HVAC coils and Ducts.
  • FreshDuct Odor Eliminator
    • The cure for Dirty Sock syndrome! Fresh Duct is non-toxic, biodegradable odor control solution for HVAC systems and ducts.

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