Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Hardwood flooring is a décor detail that brings value to any home. Caring for your wood flooring is vital in order to keep it in the best condition for years to come, but many people don’t know how to properly treat their flooring. At Big Guys Carpet Care, we have an extensive 25 years of experience caring for and maintaining beautiful hardwood flooring in homes throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, & Houston.

Why Choose Big Guys Carpet Care:

  • We use the best equipment to clean
  • We offer 24/7 emergency services
  • Free over-the-phone estimates for clients
  • We do not charge trip fees

Importance of Hiring a Professional

Not knowing how to properly clean your hardwood floors can permanently damage them. Using the wrong kind of chemicals to clean the surface can stain or destroy the texture of the wood, costing you even more money to fix or replace the flooring in the damaged areas. By hiring a professional to clean your hardwood flooring, you can guarantee your floor will remain undamaged and each step of the cleaning process will be completed.

Cleaning hardwood flooring in 3 steps:

  • Dusting: Keeping dust and dirt off your flooring can help prevent scratching and improve sanitation
  • Cleaning: Using the right amount of liquid and cleaning solution is key to not damaging your flooring
  • Polishing: This not only fills in microscratches, but it leaves your floor looking better than before

Our Dallas, Fort Worth, & Houston hardwood floor cleaning team of experts knows what cleaning solutions to use for each type of flooring, each type of wood, and each type of varnish. If you are nervous about your beautiful wood flooring, make sure to call a cleaning team you know you can trust.

Backed by 25+ Years of Expert Cleaning Experience

At Big Guys Carpet Care, our cleaning experts are dedicated to delivering top-quality services each time. We take pride in knowing we are the go-to guys for floor cleaning in many homes.

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