At Big Guys Carpet Care, we offer a comprehensive variety of cleaning services that can fit everyone’s needs. Our floor cleaning and care team makes use of all the most advanced equipment and chemicals on the market, including the Hydro Master truck mount unit. In addition, our team has advanced knowledge on how to use these tools to their most powerful effect. With over 25 years of experience working in the Dallas, Fort Worth, & Houston area, our locally owned and operated company is a trusted resource for getting the deepest clean possible. Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Richardson, Carrollton, Arlington, Garland, Irving, Frisco, Grapevine, Farmers Branch, The Colony and surrounding areas.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to your business, image and cleanliness are two of the most important elements. Whether you have customers or clients coming in regularly or you want your facility to look its best for your employers, professional carpet cleaning is an important service to invest in. High foot traffic in your establishment can lead to a carpet that looks soiled and stained. At Big Guys Carpet Care, our Dallas, Fort Worth, & Houston carpet cleaning teams can help you to remove unsightly spills and odors, as well as improving the appearance of compressed and worn carpeting. We can also book your cleanings monthly.

Benefits of having your commercial carpets cleaned professionally:

  • Improves the overall cleanliness of your facility
  • Enhances your company’s overall image
  • Protects the investment of your carpet
  • Extend the life of your carpet
  • Improves the overall indoor air quality

Thorough Carpet Cleaning Techniques

We have the capacity to use carpet cleaning units and the most effective chemicals to clean every nook and cranny of your facility’s carpets. Our high-quality, professional equipment is just one of the many components that allow us to do an excellent job each and every time. The techniques we employ involve using safe chemicals and our state of the art equipment to leave your carpets looking fresh and clean.

Encapsulation Cleaning

Businesses can’t wait 24-48 hours for carpets to dry after being cleaned. Encapsulation is a very low moisture process and uses 90-95% less water than typical steam cleaning, so surfaces dry FAST (1 hour). That means you minimize the interruption to the business operations so you can get back to a productive workplace quickly, generating revenue.

Encapsulation is a two-fold cleaning attack. After the detergents have done their work (attacking, separating soils from fibers, etc.) the crystallizing polymers surround or encapsulate the soils. The soils and spots are now suspended or emulsified. Most of this dirt is absorbed through the oscillating floor buffer process. However after we leave, the next time your carpet is vacuumed, it gets just a little bit cleaner because the remaining soils encapsulated inside the crystal polymers are vacuumed away. No residues, No re-appearing spots. Your carpets stay cleaner longer, saving you money!

Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company

Our company is known for our reliability, with more than 25 years of experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction. We are also known for the professionalism and friendliness of our staff, who take the time to ensure your needs are always met. When you choose us for your Dallas, Fort Worth, or Houston commercial carpet cleaning, you can rest assured that we will never cut corners to get the job done.


“These guys are prompt, professional, and polite. They did a great job cleaning the carpet at our Martial Art School, Kuk Sool Won of Clear Lake. We highly recommend these guys!
— David Aue

Commercial Tile & Grout Seal and Clean

Tile wear and tear is common in a business. Help keep your floors looking new by having your tile cleaned professionally by Big Guys Carpet Care. Our highly trained team specializes in various types of tile flooring including ceramic, porcelain, limestone and travertine, and we’ll work around your schedule to minimize any interruptions to help keep your business running smoothly.

Grout Shield

Commercial Tile Clean and Seal Grout Shield’s grout color sealer allows you to match or change the color of your grout, without removing out your existing grout! Grout Shield allows you to recolor your grout easily, by using one of our all-in-one Grout Re-Color Kits. Our sealer is made from the highest quality ingredients, so it allows you to keep the look and feel of your existing sanded or unsanded, grout! Grout Shield is perfect for giving your home a fresh new look by changing the color of your grout on your bathroom or kitchen floors or walls. Our sealer is perfect for counters and back splashes and anywhere that you have grout!

Even though our sealer allows you to change the color of your grout, it is not to be confused with grout dye, or a grout stain or paint. Unlike a dye or stain or paint, Grout Shield color seal will bond to your grout, filling the pores, while keeping the same look and texture of your original grout.

Grout Shield color sealer allows you to change your grout from dark to light, or even light to dark. Our sealer is thick enough to even cover black grout with white sealer! We also offer a Clear Seal, for new tile installations or even concrete, and an Enhancer Sealer to help bring out the colors in natural stone, such as slate, granite and marble, on floors and walls.

Vinyl Ceramic Tile Buffing

Without proper maintenance, hard surface floors tend to lose their quality and sheen. And with high amounts of traffic, your flooring is prone to dirt and grime. All of those dry particles can eventually dig scratches and nicks into your flooring, damaging it permanently. This tends to give your commercial or industrial establishment a less-than-professional appearance.

At Big Guys Carpet Care, we know flooring, and we are professionals at finding the perfect solutions to your commercial or industrial VCT flooring needs. We only use the most specialized floor techniques and top-rated commercial floor finishes and waxes in order to revitalize and protect your VCT flooring.

Marble & Stone Polishing and Restoration

Restore, repair or maintain your ceramic, granite, limestone, marble, porcelain, quartz, slate, travertine, or terrazzo surfaces with Big Guys Carpet Care. Our marble, granite and tile restoration service is designed to return your surfaces to their original appearance. Big Guys Carpet Care technicians are highly trained and will get your floors looking new again. Call now to get a free quote.

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PTAC Cleaning Service

Keeping PTAC Units clean is crucial to their operation, and Industry studies have shown that regular deep cleaning can offer significant financial savings. You can extend the life of your units and ensure they are in top condition during use by cleaning them properly

Reduce Your Energy Bill — Units work longer and harder when they are dirty. The longer the unit is running, the higher your bills.

Increased the Lifespan of Your PTAC Units — The average lifespan of a PTAC unit is 15 years. Dirty units can decrease the lifespan up to 50%.

Make Your Rooms Cooler — Dirty units reduces airflow and increasing time to cool the room.

Improve the Air Quality — Remove bacteria, dust, germs, mold, allergens, and other pollutants that causes musty odors and health concerns.

We are Environmentally Friendly

The PTAC cleaning process has been certified as a “Green” process by the Green Clean Institute based on four key components:

  • The removal of pollutants from A/C units
  • Maximizing efficiency in the units
  • Improvement in indoor air quality
  • Health benefits for allergy and asthma

Our Products

CoilPro CC-200 consists of a pressurized water system for removing dirt, dust, and debris from coils and a wet/dry vacuum for removing dust and dirt prior to cleaning or water residue following cleaning. With drop-in-tablet technology, technicians can thoroughly clean coils without having to haul gallons of cleaner and risk a dangerous chemical spill. Through a simple, two-step process, one tablet—CoilShine-T—is used to clean, while another—CoilShine-T-BIO—is used to protect against odor and deliver better indoor air quality.

We Use Non-Toxic Products

Our coil cleaner chemicals and detergents really make your coils shine and keep mold and mildew from causing problems. We offer a variety of cleaners and mold and mildew inhibitors.

  • CoilShine Coil Cleaning Solution
    • CoilShine is a concentrated, alkaline foaming coil cleaner. Safer than acidic cleaners.
  • CoilShine-BC Mold and Mildew Inhibitor for HVAC
    • EPA registered. Ready-to-use inhibitor to control growth of mold and mildew on HVAC coils and Ducts.
  • FreshDuct Odor Eliminator
    • The cure for Dirty Sock syndrome! Fresh Duct is non-toxic, biodegradable odor control solution for HVAC systems and ducts.

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